Engineering and Export carries an extensive range of conveyor chains in a variety of materials. They are available in varying widths and pitches to suit your all of your requirements. These chains can be used in a number of different industrial applications including bottling lines, packaging and labelling systems, timber industries etc.

Some examples of chain types are:

  • Straight Run (Metal, Plastic, Rubber Top, LBP, Case Conveyor, Plate Top)
  • Side Flexing (Metal, Plastic, Rubber Top, LBP, Chainbelts, Multiflex, Case Conveyor, Plate Top, Gripper)

Engineering and Export also specialise in custom and modified chains.
For any further details please contact our technical department.


Engineering & Export Services has been providing high quality chains, modular belts, conveyor components and machined parts to the food, beverage and associated industries for over 50 years.

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